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Clark College

默里州立住宿学院系统的使命是提供迷人的 默里州居民和通勤学生的生活学习社区. 这 is helped by the participation of faculty and professional staff. We promote student 通过提供生活学习社区来培养学生的参与度, competition, leadership development, and service... all while encouraging an appreciation for diversity and individual differences. In essence, we are building community through 多样性, Retention, Involvement, 领导, and Learning.

通过参与活动,学生可以与教师和管理人员一起工作 to help shape social and academic programming. We support philanthropic and volunteer 让学生与大学以外的社区接触的项目. We 致力于培养自立、负责任的新生 may have a successful college experience ending with graduation.

李·克拉克的使命是互相支持,执行有用的慈善项目, and to act as an important part of the Murray State community. Students work with 教师和员工在一个培养和尊重的环境中实现IMONE体育平台的目标 卓越. We define 卓越 by:

  • 使居民和通勤者融入住宿学院系统 

  • 为成员提供一个可以建立友谊和享受感觉的环境 of family in a safe and healthy setting

  • Promoting academic success

  • 促进师生合作,加强学院师生关系 friendships, and mentoring 

IMONE体育平台的学生、工作人员和教职员工致力于追求编程的创造性想法,鼓励 领导通过行动,并致力于加强其精神和传统.

Crest, Mascot and Colors


这面学生根据克拉克家族徽章设计的国旗可以追溯到大约400年前. 该旗帜由灰色背景上的一个红色十字组成,提供了四个象限. 三个 其中有一个象征,支持李克拉克学院的座右铭:“建设社区。 Through Communication." In the bottom right quadrant is a yellow lamp representing 知识. 在前 right quadrant is a cross that symbolizes faith. 在前 左边的象限是默里州立大学的吉祥物,赛马. The bottom left 象限是开放的,因为早期的设计师认为后来的学生会增加 their own symbol. The current mascot is the Crusader.

Traditions and Annual Events

住宿学院制度的使命之一是培养学生的社区意识 students, faculty, and staff. The Residential College Council (RCC) and Resident Assistant (RA) staff of Clark take this very seriously. Seldom does a week pass where there isn't’t a program, activity, or intramural game scheduled. As a Crusader of Clark, IMONE体育平台鼓励你尽可能多地参与这些机会,只要你愿意. 而 每个RC都提供一些类似的项目和活动,克拉克主持了一些独特的, award-winning events:

Clark Olympics

记得你小的时候,你的学校会有一个运动会? It was a day of friendly, whimsical challenges, followed by a celebratory meal. 这 is a Field Day for adults. Teams made up of Clark residents and affiliated commuters compete 在各种各样的项目中,包括人马蹄铁,麻袋赛跑,命名那个曲调,和 Tricycle Race! 克拉克奥运会和宴会总是在早些时候的星期六举行 作为一种了解克拉克社区其他成员的方式.


2007年,一对住在克拉克的夫妇创办了这个乐队他们只是想演奏《克拉克斯托克 已经发展成为住宿学院最杰出的免费音乐节. It 是春季周六的全天慈善活动,会有几个本地乐队参加 共同为默里州社区提供所有类型的音乐. It's a time 放松一下,打排球或玉米洞,享受一些烧烤食物和你的 friends before finals. It's a free event open to the public, but any donations and 筹集资金的收入将捐给Mainstreet Youth,一个当地的课外项目 children in the larger Murray community.

Clark Arts Guild

克拉克艺术协会是一个开放、合作的学生团体,他们喜欢探索 their creativity through various art projects. Members meet twice a month to produce 个人的艺术作品运用多种媒介,同时也起到审美的作用 为IMONE体育平台共同的家园提供设计元素. 

Clark Gamers Guild

Lee Clark Gamers Guild是一个由共同兴趣所组成的团体 在游戏. 棋盘或视频,技能或机会,被动或主动-所有的兴趣 欢迎. 无论你是在寻找朋友之间的一场娱乐比赛,还是一场竞争 与其他住宿学院的比赛,克拉克游戏协会是团体 为你.


Save the date! 感恩节前的星期四是克拉克一年一度的内部庆祝活动 meal, Clarksgiving. 这 is one of the few times each year where we come together to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. 这 is also a philanthropic event for Clark 在大学里,由于参加者被要求携带罐装或干货捐赠给Needline, a local food bank that serves the larger Murray community.

S’mores N’more

Who doesn't’t like s’mores? Roasted marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crisp graham crackers combined into a delectable treat! There's no better place to make friends than around a fire pit making s’mores... so join your fellow Crusaders on the Clark lawn for make-your-own s’mores several times each year.

The Residential College

李·克拉克学院是一座四层楼的建筑,由四人套房风格的房间组成, 2-person rooms, and private rooms... as well as study lounges, two meeting rooms, one community kitchen, and a pool room. There are approximately 1,300 students assigned to Clark with about 300 actually residing in Clark College.



李·克拉克住宿学院成立于1996年,以著名学者的名字命名 farmer, businessman and statesman Mr. Lee Clark, who was a very active board member for 17 years during the formative years of Murray State University. Since the mid-1990s, 与克拉克学院有关的学生开创了一些伟大的传统,并一直延续至今 to this day. 这名学生根据克拉克家族的徽章设计了克拉克的国旗 dating back some 400 years. The flag consists of a red cross on a gray background, which provides four quadrants. 三个 of these quadrants bear a symbol that supports the motto of Lee Clark College namely. "Building Community Through Communication." In the bottom right quadrant is a yellow lamp representing 知识; in the top right quadrant is a cross that symbolizes faith; in the top left quadrant is the Murray State University mascot, the race-horse. The bottom left quadrant was left open as 早期的设计者认为,以后的学生将把他们自己的标志添加到国旗上.

多年来,李·克拉克学院的学生建立了一个非凡的社区 和学习. 学生宿舍里的学生比大多数其他大学都少,这使克拉克成为可能 to build one of the finest living accommodations on campus. Clark cannot boast that 他们赢得了所有的学术和体育荣誉,但出于同样的原因,他们排名 high in whatever they participate in. Though Clark is listed among the smallest in-hall 居民人口,IMONE体育平台当然是一股不可忽视的力量. Perhaps one of IMONE体育平台最大的成就是,IMONE体育平台的大多数居民都乐于生活在IMONE体育平台的社区; 一个培养积极关系的社区,并提供一个令人兴奋和多事的社区 place to learn.


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